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Zhu Weijun talks about oral interpretation---Of experience and knowledge accumul
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Oral interpretation is one looks relaxed, do very difficult however profession. It needs you to want those who have a lot of to accumulate, incorporate experience and knowledge accumulate. The men and women makes a telephone call to me or more and more youths send email recently, expression is willing to pursue the interest of oral interpretation, at the same time to my ask for advice.
I meet such pair of youth students do a simple test commonly, basically be to check their knowledge to accumulate a circumstance. The knowledge of great majority person accumulates a circumstance poorer, but enthusiastic general very tall. I hope because see,their enthusiasm is not become the cause with the very high income that passes together.

Actually, the market is fair. Because, pass my test, I judge these young students, or the person that just walks out of a school gate, the time that spends in place of English audition field commonly, won't exceed hundreds of hours. And good pass together, often mix in audition with read, with interpret (Shadowing) the respect has spent on 10 thousand hours. So, had spent hundreds of hours, earn everyday 100; Spend those who spend on 10 thousand hours to be earned everyday thousands of. Will look on the time that this spends from place and spend time, it is complete proportionate. Had spent person of hundreds of hours only, slant the job that the talent that should go be engaged in expenditure crossing training on 10 thousand hours can be competent, the effect cans be imagined.

School of present a few alleged oral interpretation, to achieve the goal of its recruit students, not hesitate to long to be engaged in student of youth of oral interpretation occupational undertaking misdirect to these. For diddle their tuition, with respect to temptation they say, should pass them only short the training of summer vacation, can make sure they can pursue the profession of this envy making a person. But I today is to want to remind these young students, do not believe this kind of lie, and should believe those who go up 10 thousand hours to accumulate. Leading to the road of fine oral interpretation to go up do not have shortcut!

Want to make fine oral interpretation, I think the first important is extensive read.

And this just is most and young generation is not willing to spend time to do. Apparently read seem to do not have a relation with oral interpretation, but actually, outstanding dragoman is out is read extensively.

If want me to have the requirement that makes an outstanding dragoman place need one is quantified, I can list a such bill:

Read a book: 500

Audition: 10000 hours

Imitate with read: 1000 hours

Write down note training: 100 hours

Such, plus the guidance of particular talent and teacher, can become an outstanding dragoman certainly.
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