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The 3rd two sides 3 ground " China interpret learns forum " hold in Beijing
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Interpret of China of 3 ground “ learns the 3rd two sides forum ” is held in Beijing
Seminar spot
Interpret of China of 3 ground “ learns the 3rd two sides forum ” is held in Beijing
Group photo of delegate attending the meeting

By the 3rd two sides that university of Beijing foreign language sponsors interpret of China of 3 ground “ learns forum ” in October 19-20 day is held in Beijing. Current forum assemble the two sides of the Taiwan Straits basically is translated more than times 40 groom the courtyard department leader of the orgnaization and expert professor, chinese interpret assist Jiang Yonggang of standing deputy secretary-general attended forum and deliver a speech to congress.

The gist of this second forum is to explore the education mode of new interpreter education concept and teaching method and professional interpreter talent. In by a definite date in conference time of two days, interpreter of university of Hong Kong Chinese fastens Professor Fang Zixun, Taiwan complementary benevolence college of foreign language of prexy of university foreign language Professor Kang Shilin, Beijing turns over prexy high Professor Wang Lidi and Professor Li Changshuan, south opening an university to translate is director Lv Shisheng teach, atmosphere is very dynamic, discuss quite rich positive result.

Attend the meeting to just be represented each agree consistently, a forum will be held in university of Hong Kong Chinese.
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