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Chinese interpreter value of output is annual nearly 30 billion will hold world
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The 18th world translates congress general on August 2 - 7 days are held in center of Shanghai international conference, this is international translates a bound to hold interpreter grand meeting in China and even Asia first.

On the news briefing that holds in office of news of 27 days of the State Council, vice-chairman Huang Youyi represents alliance of home of interpreter of vice-chairman of association of interpreter of deputy director general of bureau of Chinese foreign language, China, international: “ an important matter that this is Chinese interpreter bound not only, also be an important matter of whole cultural circles, it is to show Chinese figure, strengthen main turning point of Chinese culture soft actual strength. ”

He says, alliance of international interpreter home holds water 50 come for years, by this world of allied organization interpreter congress already became international to translate a bound to have one of grand meeting of consequence most. The world translates congress 3 years, never still be in afro-asian pull an area to had been held. In August 2005, the interpreter of the 17th world that Chinese interpreter association holds in Finland applies the 18th world to translate congress to win a success on congress.

Huang Youyi says, china takes a winner successfully to do advantageous position, the growth of stability of politics of profit from China, comprehensive national power, profit from China translates the progress of the career, reflected international interpret couplet and international interpreter group the development to China, right Chinese interpret assist the extensive self-identity that translates a career with China, translate the international influence of the bound to promoting China, the development that promotes China to translate a career has important sense.

According to not complete count: At present the personnel of interpreter major technology of appoint to a position of Chinese on guard makes an appointment with 35 thousand person, additionally several 100 thousand people are engaged in translating the job with different form; The translation service orgnaization of all sorts of economy composition has exceeded home 3000, year interpreter production value is close to 30 billion yuan of RMBs.

Chairman of couplet of interpret of international of no less than is in send Chinese interpret assist the congratulations middle finger that applies the world successfully to translate congress goes out: “ China is on history of international interpret couplet, producing decisive effect in the development of global interpreter career. ”

Huang Youyi still introduced the preparatory case of current mass rally. He says, congress gets organization and international translate the wide attention of industry related international. U.N. , European Union attends clique delegate, the interpreter of famous interpreter and relevant organization and world each country organizes international to help propagandist mass rally actively, constituent forum, form a delegation ginseng meeting. More than 30 international is organized and the orgnaization established the link of congress government website on its website.
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