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Worker of interpreter of Olympic Games of day of congratulatory international in
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On September 29, 2008 morning, BOCOG and combination of Chinese interpreter association held “ to celebrate international to translate day • Olympic Games to translate worker to commend in Beijing congress ” , 13 collective units such as bureau of room of interpreter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foreign language and many 1700 are mixed in Beijing Olympic Games the individual that incomplete provides an interpreter to serve during abstruse meeting is commended, be awarded “ China to translate a career respectively ” of crackajack contribution award and career of “ China interpreter are excellent contributive award ” .

China translates Xi Liang of association chairman Liu, standing vice-chairman Tang Wen unripe, Guo Xiaoyong, vice-chairman holds secretary-general Huang Youyi concurrently, he Chuan of Zhao Huimin of minister of BOCOG international Liaison Division, undersecretary and suffer commend the leader comrade of collective unit and suffer commend the individual was attended on behalf of about 200 more than person commend congress.

Chinese interpret assist standing vice-chairman Guo Xiaoyong translated association read out on behalf of BOCOG and China " about commending abstruse meeting interpreter serves 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing, incomplete unit and the decision that translate worker " , the hope is carried on achievement by commending unit and individual, make persistent efforts, translate a career to make larger contribution for prosperous our country.

Xi Liang of Liu of chairman of Chinese interpreter association expresses in congress speech, the international sports contest that people of each country of world of since of Beijing Olympic Games is witnessed jointly and participates in, also be multivariate the grand meeting of culture communication. In this one process, pass an interpreter, promotional know clearly solves each country people, deepened friendship, pass an interpreter, also make the world has opportunity close quarters to feel China, appreciate China the distinctive glamour of culture of rich and generous 5000 history. Interpreter worker is mixed with real operation excellent performance, witnessed an interpreter multivariate to communicate and promoting the world “ of culture communication, implementation is same a world, same the main effect of a dreamy ” . Beijing Olympic Games, incomplete abstruse meeting falls satisfactorily already next heavy curtain, the China after the Olympic Games needs have the aid of to translate more than any moment, have the communication of capacious development with the world, the world of economic globalization and culture diversity also needs interpreter of have the aid of to communicate and strengthen each other more than any moment the understanding between. This is the times gifts the social responsibility that translates worker and historical mission, also be the unprecedented opportunity that interpreter worker faces and challenge.
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