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The project of main base sex of martial interpreter bound -- " big dictionary of
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By total ginseng some takes the lead, authority of interpreter of main military affairs and expert of each professional technology domain participate in horse and foot compilatory " big dictionary of language of skeletonize of English-Chinese military affairs " , all previous classics tries hard more 4 years, published formally by liberation army press a few days ago. This dictionary length is close 2500 pages, collect vocabulary entry in all more than 20, outside was being covered army martial thought, fight a lot of domain such as academic, military construction and equipment of new and high technology.

Alive group is new round of military affairs changes in the ascendant today, the main mission that the military affairs translates changes world new war namely the new thing that the emerge in large numbers in tide gives, new idea, new knowledge and outside army experience practice recommend comes in, offer for supreme command, army and research organization draw lessons from and consult, the development that military affairs of stimulative China characteristic changes. The process is here medium, the skeletonize signal that a when interpreter personnel encounters new phenomenon represents all sorts of new things, new idea and new knowledge in great quantities namely is ceaseless emerge in large numbers. New war of this since world changes in, national condition of oneself of base oneself upon of each main country army and military situation, adjust theory of military affairs of martial strategy, newer weaponry, innovation, change the inevitable result that system weaves; One kind also be the culture of western country army that is a delegate with the U.S. Army is reflected; More in informatization times of complex concept simplify to condense of combination, new idea and new idea highly.

Afore-mentioned characteristics that martial skeletonize language has make them outer army crucial position was held in martial document interpreter, also make they become the one catastrophe in the interpreter to nod at the same time: They behave a form sometimes identical, connotation however differ in thousands ways; Find out source hard sometimes, not know what is said. More important is, the interpreter of skeletonize language noun often is not simple bilingual decipher, want to obtain accurate paraphrase, still need many cultural background to make backup force. In translating practice, translator often because lack appropriate reference book and necessary background information source, expend a large number of energy to also obtain the paraphrase of accurate authority hard. Have more very person, because our country is current,martial term interpreter still is put in the phenomenon of lag, confused, go one's own way, even if translator can find relevant paraphrase, the issue that “ interpret gives much door ” still makes person not know what to do. Every this a variety of, become the great bottleneck that restricts our country military affairs to translate quality to promote.
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