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Shaanxi is saved assist establish literature to translate committee
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In Shaanxi the province is made assist save interpret with Shaanxi assist below the joint efforts, shaanxi saves writer association literature to translate professional committee to held water in Xi'an a few days ago. This is an important matter of bound of Shaanxi province literature, interpreter bound. The goal that establishs this committee depends on the interpreter power that integrated Shaanxi saves, organization, designedly shifts the fine literature work of Shaanxi to the world. The interpreter outside should planning to be “ Shaanxi literature to be opposite certainly plans ” (English abbreviation SLOT[Shaanxi Literature Overseas Translation] plans)

Shaanxi since literature is saved greatly, also be interpreter big province. Have Chen Zhong not only solid, Gu Ping is sunken wait for well-known writer, and also have a batch of actual strength such as safety, Zhang Chengzhu, Tang Mingquan to translate the home. However long-term since, as a result of a variety of reasons, shaanxi is contemporary outstanding work of the writer is translated into other character to perhaps be published in abroad rarely, although a few only work are become by interpret foreign language, but also not be Chinese interpreter home, not be place of Shaanxi interpreter home more for. The promotion outside “ China books was being rolled out to be opposite before news of the State Council does two years plans ” , what aid financially and support China is medium course of study of interpret external affairs, shaanxi is made assist of literary interpreter committee hold water, the promotion outside doing “ China books to be opposite to news of the State Council namely plans to be answered actively of ” , also indicate interpreter career is on a Shaanxi literature from now on a new arena.

New the literature that hold water translates professional committee, by our country famous interpreter home, Shaanxi saves interpret assist chairman safety holds the post of adviser, the province is made assist Lei Tao of secretary of vice-chairman, leading Party group holds the post of a director, invite province interpret assist, the expert scholar such as the courtyard outside institute of Xi Dawen institute, Shi Dawen of short for Shaanxi Province, Xi'an in all 10 factitious committee members, business address of short duration sets Shaanxi to save interpreter association secretariat. After holding water, will be opposite above all home of complete province writer, interpreter undertakes trying to find out the real intention investigating, make by the province assist the work list that offers the first batch to draft an interpreter, the interpreter task outside translating professional committee to translate an interpret in assuming by what certainly by literature again. In the meantime, office of plan of the promotion outside translating professional committee to be in charge of be opposite to Chinese books by literature recommends the outstanding interpreter talented person that I save, application interpreter is published aid financially.
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