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China still is short of interpreter of 100 thousand high level
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Reporter He Jianhua reports

We come from “ 15 times the ceremony guest of university of the 2nd foreign language serves Beijing assistant is to be in charge of technically doing an interpreter to foreign guest, everyday workload is very big, but hand or insecurity. ”8 month 22 days, in national Olympic gymnasium, of mouth of professional work of volunteer of ceremony guest service plum assistant manager to " China produces classics news " the reporter says.

According to reporter understanding, there is many 100 professional dragoman this on the Olympic Games, in addition still many 7000 press release and need of many speech draft are translated, official press conference also needs many 150 mouth interpreter of a variety of 140 languages with prize-giving ceremony. Beijing Olympic Games also translated an industry to bring unprecedented opportunity to China 2008.

The interpreter of “ Gao Shuiping, china still is short of 100 thousand. Huang Youyi of deputy director general of bureau of foreign language of vice-chairman of couplet of ” international interpret, China says. The develops level and country, town development standard that “ translates is relative should. Economic progress the look of things of China is good, translating the bitter fleabane break out of course of study to exhibit is inevitable. 10 years of tree, person of hundred years tree. Raise higher education level of the interpreter only, ability satisfies the prospective need to translating a talent. ”

Our newspaper reporter learns from concerned branch, at present interpreter of countrywide of all kinds major registers an enterprise to have many 3000, the company that translates business with seeking advice to the name such as the company, company that print is registered and contract to do a job actually more know exactly about sth 10 thousand. Be in Beijing only, the interpreter registers a company to have many 100. In addition, annual produce of translation service market is climbed quickly litre, was 11 billion yuan 2003, was 20 billion yuan 2005, achieved 30 billion yuan 2007. At present the personnel of interpreter major technology of appoint to a position of our country on guard makes an appointment with 35 thousand person, additionally several 100 thousand people are engaged in translating the job with different form.

Plum the assistant manager says to the reporter, china had 17 colleges to offer undergraduate course course of the interpreter only, and Master education of the interpreter still is in pilot phase, go up from the amount and character is insufficient still.

“ says on quality, interpreter education of China is rare above all the interpret in be short of ‘ flower ’ talent ” , huang Youyi says, “ China's truly eligible ‘ is medium talent of interpret flower ’ is not worth 100 people, the interpret in lacking ‘ flower ’ , will bring about the ’ of ‘ adverse balance of trade on culture. ”
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