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Tianjin interpret assist constituent expert goes to ferry to discourse on an aca
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In September 2008 23—24 day, should the invitation of university of college of industry of grain of association of Tianjin city interpreter, Tianjin, Tianjin finance and economics, vice-chairman of Chinese interpreter association holds China concurrently to translate association to translate expert of service committee chairman, famous spanish Yin Chengdong, china publishs company vise general manager, China to translate association deputy secretary-general, China to translate association to translate service commission vice director to hold secretary-general Gu Yanli concurrently to Tianjin to evaginate interpret grain industry college, university of Tianjin finance and economics makes chair of interpreter special subject. Yin Chengdong vice-chairman with respect to China modern it how do is the characteristic that translates course of development, interpreter, good to how do interpreter, and the problem such as the interpreter's industrialization had explain the profound things in a simple way explain; Gu Yanli vise general manager translates the market and its talent demand around China the main type to the interpreter, abroad language serves this one theme the composition that firm of the ecosystem of the supplier, translation that cross a state translates service market in China, China, China is translated. The lecture of two experts got the general welcome of teachers and students, they state this second lecture widened horizon, made up for teachers and students to lack the inadequacy of information of society, market.

The graduate student of other school and undergraduate students played two school and part lecture.


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