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Fujian Province interpret assist build Fujian stage to translate academic commun
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To deepen communication of learning of cross-strait interpret bound, on August 26, 2008 —31 day, should gram of the Song Dynasty of chairman of association of Fujian Province interpreter invites rather, the Taiwan interpreter that with Taiwan the interpreter learns to learn director Su Zhenglong to be colonel learns to learn delegacy to call in the Fujian Province, develop academic communication activity.

During the visit, delegacy entered multinomial activity. On August 29 morning, do outside the Fujian Province, Fujian Province interpret assist, institute of Fuzhou university foreign language holds “ Fujian stage to translate ” of academic communication lecture jointly in Fuzhou, the flower interpret ” that Taiwan interpreter learns to learn Normal University of director, Taiwan to teach Mr Su Zhenglong to make “ talk about communal designation above all makes a speech, director of institute of interpreter of Taiwan Normal University Dr. Li Genfang studies with “ interpreter area area watchs ” to be a problem, the square respect range that faces an interpreter from academic layer made historic reviewing. The lecture is chaired by prexy of Fuzhou university foreign language Professor Chen Xiaowei, the province translates interpret of personnel, province about the unit continuously assist in teachers and students of part of college of banyan member, Fuzhou 200 much people attend the meeting. During Xiamen communication makes an on-the-spot investigation, delegacy attended “ ” of forum of prexy of foreign language of college of first Fujian Province, saved each college to discuss the current situation of education of foreign language of Fujian stage college and development case with me, the communication that strengthened education of the foreign language between the college and research cooperates. In addition, delegacy still visited Wu Yi institute and attend interpreter learning forum, method of the setting that communicates foreign language course, teaching and obtain employment of student of foreign language department are oriented wait for respect content, discuss how to combine foreign language education and travel of fierce exterminate hill, how to enlarge face of student obtain employment, drive the development of education of foreign language of fierce exterminate institute to wait for a problem with this.

It is reported, 7 people Ceng Yu visited group of delegacy of worker of Fujian Province interpreter first in September 2007 Taiwan, open the window that learning of bound of Fujian stage interpreter communicates. Pass exchange visits, the expert that translates a bound for Fujian stage, scholar undertakes an interpreter academic communication and make an on-the-spot investigation build academic communication platform, it is Fujian Province interpret assist carry out “ the 4 another particular move that requests ” of go ahead of the rest, will strong promotional two sides of the Taiwan Straits is translating the understand one another of the respect such as education of education of academic research, foreign language and interpreter talent, promote cooperative communication of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits further.
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