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Martial interpreter and seminar of teaching of martial foreign language are held
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In June 2008 26—28 day, study by military affairs of world of martial academy of sciences institute of foreign language of ministry and liberation army is sponsorred jointly, Chinese interpret assist martial science translates committee assist seminar of learning of the interpreter of “ military affairs that do and ” of education of martial foreign language is in ancient capital Luoyang is held successfully. Chinese interpret assist standing vice-chairman Tang Wen unripe, Cai Zuming attends a meeting congratulation. Come from army inside nearly 100 delegates of 40 many units attended this seminar, conference add up to gets a paper more than 100.

During the seminar, representing are translated around “ military affairs closely with ” of education of martial foreign language speak out freely of this one theme, the correlation of interpreter of the brilliant success that gains from martial interpreter and education of martial foreign language and the main challenge that face currently, military affairs and education of martial foreign language, the foundation of interpreter of the military affairs below new condition and education of martial foreign language is theoretical, use the many levels such as technology and working mechanism innovation, much angle spreads out communication, got favorable result

Standing vice-chairman Tang Wen gives birth to Chinese interpreter association " interpreter informal discussion " academic lecture

Chinese interpret assist Sun Zhili of professor of college of foreign language of standing director, liberation army is made " information age is called holographic interpreter " the theme makes a speech

Spot of seminar opening ceremony


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