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In collecting, the country translates advertisement of emblem of service industr
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China translates association to translate service commission

Interpreter of the 2nd China serves industrial forum organizing committee

Collect “ China to translate advertisement of emblem of ” of service industry forum

” of seminar of job of the 7th interpreter management of forum of industry of service of translation of China of the 2nd “ and whole nation will be held at will be in Wuhan in September 2009, the force that serves industrial forum to go up in the whole nation and international to enlarge China to translate further, and exert oneself makes countrywide famous forum, via China forum of translation service industry and whole nation translate organizing committee of management job seminar the 7th times to study a decision, “ China is begun to translate those who serve emblem of industrial forum ” to collect an activity inside countrywide limits.
■ collect an object

School of countrywide old technical secondary school designs kind of major in school teachers and students;
The professional orgnaization such as atelier of ad firm, culture company, design;
The society is on-the-job stylist (do not be restricted category) ;
Amateur designs lover.
■ work requirement

1, work drafts a demand:

(one) be recruited work must is achieve formerly, borrowed, embezzle of other work regard as invalid, work will not decide on awards through discussion, announce the relevant law consequence that causes from this to all be assumed by him author in relevant media.

(2) be recruited author answers accurate fill in " application form " (see accessory 1) , sign in one's own handwriting; Be an orgnaization like be recruited author, answer to sign by this orgnaization legal representative, build orgnaization official seal;

(3) be recruited author should refer " affirmatory book " (see accessory 2) , sign by holograph of the person that create (the person that create is an orgnaization, the delegate is signed and must build orgnaization official seal by accredit) . The person that create is more than of one person, all person that create must be signed jointly.

2, overall design requirement:

Characteristic the design with beautiful and strong, concise palpability, easy feeling of bright, times, also can match with corresponding character. Include the following 4 large elements: China, interpreter, industry, service, reflect the distinguishing feature that translates an industry.

3, specific design requirement:

(one) design draft should offer mark graph and design to show two stuff at the same time;

(2) mark graph part of one's job does not offer chromatic draft and black and white sketch, dimension of the longest side must not exceed 120mm, be printed respectively or scale is on A4 paper, its behave a form to should apply to sequel planar, stereo travel with electronic intermediary and create again;
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