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How is the foreign word in Chinese translated
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Be accelerated ceaselessly as what China and foreign countries exchanges cooperative rate and of deepness ceaseless and patulous, the English that Chinese place absorbs is ab extra the word is increasing also. The contact of Chinese and English already achieved “ there am me in you, what there is your ” in me is mutual blend condition. System of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan (Toast) , beer on draft (A Jar Of Beer) , bikini (Bikini) , sauna (Sauna) , golf (Golf) , mouse (a large number of ab extra vocabularies such as Mouse) are superexcellent and paradigmatic. What we should talk now is the translation problem of these foreign words.

Foreign word should enter the lexical system of Chinese, of each respect such as the speech that must accept Chinese, grammar and compose word regulation transform, in order to accord with the pronunciation habit of Chinese, grammar and lexical regulation. Wraparound rise, the interpreter means that Chinese uses to foreign word place basically has the following kinds:

The transliteration with complete 1. : With pronunciation approximate Chinese character comes over denizen interpreter, this kind of Chinese character that is used at transliteration has the original intention of its oneself no longer, withhold its speech and book to write a form only, be like: Cruel (Cool) , Disco (Disco) , Ou Peike (OPEC) , TOEFL (TOEFL) , Yapishi (Yuppies) , teflon (Teflon) , bikini (Bikini) , Youlika (EURECA) , wrap around head person (Beatles) , dried meat gram (Lacquer) .

2. halftone half meaning: This kind of method basically combines foreign word with Yu Fu, can divide it is two kinds. It is before half part uses transliteration, hind cent uses free translation, be like: Breathe out draw a circle (Hula-hoop) , ice-cream (Ice-cream) , Internet (Internet) , glazed printing paper (street of Dowling Paper) , Tang Ning (Downing Street) . Additionally one kind is before half part uses free translation, second half part uses transliteration, be like: Culture shock (Culture Shock) , water ballet (former times of Water Ballet) , grandma (Milk Shake) .

3. transliterates add Chinese morpheme: The loan that with odd syllable, double syllable interpret word increases Chinese morpheme uses most: One kind adds Chinese morpheme to transliterate a morpheme, be like: Carnival (Carnival is met) , golf (Golf ball) , bowling (Bowling ball) , sauna (Sauna bath) , tensile contest (Rally is surpassed) , beat machine (Call machine) etc. Another kind adds transliteration morpheme for Chinese morpheme, be like: Those who hit (hit Taxi) , Xiaoba (small Bus) , medium cling to (in Bus) , bar (wine Bar) . Transliterate morpheme some to represent an English word among them, some represents partial morpheme. Chinese morpheme has a plenty of root morpheme, have a plenty of affix morpheme.

4, phonic meaning give attention to two or morethings: The Chinese character that chooses the meaning of a word of adjacent and foreign word namely undertakes turning writing. Chinese is unisonant the word is much, the filtration that uses a word for translated term was offerred convenient. Or the share is total perhaps phonic meaning give attention to two or morethings. Be like: Shi Le (Xerox) , shampoo (Shampoo) , delicious think of (Vercuth) , annul article luxuriant (Shopping Mall) . Chinese has very strong aesthetic interest as ideograph, what choose what the Chinese character often can cause a person to associate. The cosmetic that the United States has a kind to call Revlon is shown for “ by ably interpret Hua Nong ” . One word takes thick ” of “ dew China the renown poem that from Tang Chaoshi person plum line drawing writes Yang Guifei stunning beauty " clear flat regulation 3 chapters " one of: “ cloud thinks clothes flower misses an appearance, cage of spring breeze stroke shows Hua Nong. If not group Mt Jade head sees, can meet below Xiang Yao rig-month. This can call ” the interpret law of the phonic meaning give attention to two or morethings of nationalization, can weighs make the best of both worlds, reflected Chinese special when drawing ab extra term some Chinese changes processing function.
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