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Shallow the study that talks about interpreter of intermediate oral interpretati
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Translating link all along is the big head in written examination of intermediate oral interpretation, it includes Ying Yihan and Han Yiying two Section(parts) , add up to 100 minutes, occupy whole written examination to always divide the 250 40 % of cent, it may be said holds the balance. But a lot of in buccal examinee has to this part very big be fear of psychology, because we are in old English study,this basically is, although had undertaken a large number of “ listen, say, read, the practice that keeps face of ” all directions, but never had involved “ interpret ” systematically however.

Speak of an interpreter actually, I suggest everybody loosens the mood first. Because the interpreter is more subjective thing, right answer is Protean and do not put a kind in first-rate, believe ” and “ to amount to ” to wanting to be able to satisfy “ only for new personality, not be already too “ elegant ” also is a success. So even if exam, want examinee to adjust good intention condition only, also can there is no lack of gout. Of course, translation level still always has the branch of relative superiority or inferiority, interpret has gotten can give even read a person the feeling of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

Take intermediate oral interpretation for the exam, the oral interpretation, audition, interpreter, characteristic that although each have each,reads 4 course. But the integrated level that translates a part to always can reflect examinee most however. We know, language of avery kind of has a variety of expression forms, same you can have a meaning countless kinds of different views. And reflecting you to the choice of expressions is how a person, namely person of if of so called article. Genuine translation is like good moral quality same, do not need how delicate, also can leave the impression that effaces hard to others.

What for instance the Ying Yihan of the intermediate oral interpretation September 2001 talks partly is the topic that world economy grows. Have among them so a word: Russia Is A Huge Geographical Country, with Well Educated People, and Will Eventually Recover (this sentence the article after the explanation sees) . Everybody can understand this word meaning, also do not have what difficult word, but want to state smooth Chinese to have to expend bit of kongfu. Complete word-for-word translation becomes some fellow students “ Russia land is extensive, people is taught very well, will restore vitality eventually. Such ” means came out, but the feeling that the person that see did not enjoy, the most exam paper that reads a teacher to see that is to say is in this level, do not have a bit aesthetic feeling. Actually a little wording and phrasing can change somewhat. “A Huge Geographical Country ” is the meaning with great place, and“With Well Educated People ” is the meaning with high quality, be to a Chinese idiom calls “ ground wide person rare ” , we need to change a word only: Change “ rare ” is “ outstanding ” can use this idiom. Look again“Will Eventually Recover” , the historical setting here is Russia before is superpower, although now is brim weight state only, but foreground a light. So we search again look for the idiom that relevant meaning expresses in Chinese, became wide an outstanding personality of “ Russia ground with respect to the interpreter, can be expected soon of stage a comeback. Such ” exam paper can let read a teacher to shine at the moment, cannot help nodding cent of impression of Brownie Point (to you) . We are new the teacher of the examination paper of interpreter of read overmarginalia written examination such as Oriental Cathy, Eric, Dennis ever happened to coincide had spoken of this.
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