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Translate the acceptance condition of the translator of skill
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What condition ability to have to become eligible translator? Baconian rise, nothing more than such 5:
1. Foreign language level is high
2. Chinese level is high
3. Political awareness is tall
4. Intellectual range is wide
5. Be familiar with fundamental interpreter skill
Why should accomplish these 5, its reason is not fathomless. Explain one by one through specific interpret exemple below:

One. Foreign language level is high
Give typical examples:
? Just Imagine It.
Mistranslate: Imagine it.
Change interpret: Impossible / want to be less than / did not think of really.
Note: According To Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English, “Just Imagine It”Means “an Expression Of Disapproval For The Plan Or Suggestion Just Mentioned, because No Sensible Person Could Imagine That It Could Happen. ”

2. Chinese level is high
Want to do good translation, the foreign language is important, mother tongue is likewise important. The foreign language is good as good as mother tongue likewise important, because,be two respects: It is the need of understanding, it is expressive need. For the Chinese level that takes us, if Chinese standard is wrong, look not to understand at all when Han Yiying textual, do not talk to go up the interpreter's problem; When Ying Yihan, understood although the foreign language is good correctly textual, can not learn from good examples as a result of Chinese and expression is bad, same interpreter is bad.
Give typical examples:
? You want somewhat behead is obtained, must be in study ceaseless development.
Try interpret: If You Want To Gain Anything, you Must Constantly Deepen Your Studies.

3. Political awareness is tall
This, very important also in the interpreter, decide when to commending with the word, be such more.
? The Peasant Uprisings In The History Of China.
Mistranslate: The farmer on Chinese history is revolting
Change interpret: The farmer on Chinese history uprises

4. Intellectual range is wide
The content that translates personnel interpreter involves square respect area of the society, need translates personnel to have wide intellectual range. We are famous gentleman of Hunan of linguist Lv father's younger brother says, interpret home should be ” of “ the Eclectics it is very reasonable.
? The Security Council Has Been Seized Of The Question Since Then.
Try interpret: Security Council hears this issue all the time since in those days. (the knowledge that needs respect of law of nations)

5. Be familiar with basic interpreter skill
4 afore-mentioned conditions, especially foreign language level level of tall, Chinese range of tall, knowledge is wide, it is the most important in all conditions. But, these a few conditions are being obtained hard inside short time. Under photograph comparing, the 5th condition, be familiar with fundamental interpreter skill namely, make obtain certain result more easily inside shorter time.
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