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New century asks to the quality of dragoman
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As the development of advance rapidly of science and technology, the mutual communication between each country, collaboration is increasingly frequent, commerce will have no longer apparent inside the cent of trade and foreign trade, the world is in become smaller and smaller. In this change, interpreter job has mainer and mainer effect. Advanced thought, academic, science and technology, want to have extensive transmission through the interpreter's method. The thorough development as our country reforming and opening and add WTO, our country is mixed in international politics general affairs the effect in economic website general affairs is mainer and mainer. The advanced thing interpreter that the task that 21 centuries of our country translate a talent is an abroad not only comes over, and turn positive result of the outstanding culture of our country, science and technology to the world even, let the world understand the ethical culture of our country and development of science and technology. Accordingly, the interpreter person with ability that develops 21 centuries need is having very important sense.

What the interpreter involves is two kinds of languages, the content trustily expression that wants to apply a kind of language to convey another kind of insitute of language comes out, translator must have the capacity that masters these two kinds of languages. The quality discretion of native language and foreign language is affecting the quality that interpret makes directly. Accordingly, translator must have higher language quality. Mr Mao Dun thinks perfectness and native Chinese and the Chinese that are translated are the minimum requirement that is engaged in an interpreter. This is absolutely true truth. The language quality with interpreter due worker includes 2 shares: The language quality of native language; The language quality of the foreign language.

Native language is the base that makes good translation work. People has a kind of misunderstanding mostly, think to wanted to learn a foreign language only, produce a translation with respect to problem of it doesn't matter, but be not actually such. Raise native Chinese level to the interpreter as building house to lay the foundations same, the base is solidder, building ability is built higher. The foundation of native language is hit deeplier, ability of foreign language level is carried higher. Raise native Chinese level, basically include the faculty of two respects: The savvy of native language; The expressive ability of native language. When Han Yiying, need very strong native language comprehension especially. Conversely, outer interpret Chinese when, if have stronger foreign language capacity only and convey ability without stronger native signal, that cannot be used likewise wonderful native language to show, the interpreter's target still cannot come true.

Have more comprehensive, thorough knowledge to native language only, have very strong comprehension and expressive power, have deep Chinese knowledge, the discovery in ability studies theoretically in the interpreter and be being carried out and the regularity that find out two kinds of languages to share and two kinds of languages are in vocabulary, semantic, structure, thinking means, logistic inference waits the place of the difference of the respect a moment. When encountering a problem, ability knows to start to solve from where, achieve the goal that achieves the interpreter's task smoothly thereby.
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