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Wu Qia is met go up " Russian translates platform " in be inferior travelling me
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The Urumqi that is holding here external economic commerce negotiates can appear Russian of a kind of seasonable, convenient communication mode ——“ is received listen to ” of attend a banquet.

In Nanjing international trade limited company exhibits Dong Pei on, a travelling merchant of Kazakstan Si Tan generates strong interest to lawn machine, but the stall of the company is translated without Russian, receive to “ Russian then listen to ” of attend a banquet to appeal. Travelling merchant receives the member that listen to undertake simple lash-up is communicated through phone and Russian first, subsequently business affairs company expedited the closest from stall interpreter to show up, after half hours, course of study of state-owend enterprise of this Kazakstan Si Tan reachs preliminary cooperation agreement with the company, buy 10 lawn machine.

Regard Russian as the interpreter's platform, during Wu Qia is met, in the center inferior travelling merchant encounters Russian to translate a problem, when purchasing Chinese goods or when language communication difficulty appearing in business affairs negotiation, want to dial “ Russian to receive the telephone call that hears ” of attend a banquet only, can support next undertaking that Russian is translated in phone speech.

In Xinjiang inferior Introduction Li Qiong of company of business affairs of all places electron, “ Russian is received by them the company offers listen to ” of attend a banquet to serve. In “ inferior ” of company of business affairs of all places electron is one is faced in inferior what 5 countries reach Russia is medium presently large edge trade serves bilingual electron business affairs website, can go up to be mixed for China in Wu Qia in inferior two land company, travelling merchant people the translation that offers free major serves, it is ” of electron of “ all places advocate one of business Wu. Besides, the company still offers one-stop Russian to publicize the design of the data, translate and presswork service, propagandist data directional deliver arrives in inferior relevant industry of the country.

As we have learned, current Wu Qia can exhibit dimensions to will increase eighteen thousand eight hundred square metre, standard of house inside and outside is exhibited achieve 2090, achieve the history new tall. Exhibit can set steam of machinery of chemical industry of building materials household, hardware to match, environmental protection is energy-saving medical service of light industrial, food protects dress of brand of actor of name of product, center, spin and 8 major such as equipment of tool of large scale computer exhibit an area, the subscribe postponing business that comes from country and the area such as Si Tan of Turkey, Kazakstan exhibit a ginseng more than 100 times.

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