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A Worker Who Was Being Paid By The Week Approached His Employer And Held Up His Last Paycheck. This Is Two Hundred Dollars Less Than We Agreed On, he Said. I Know, the Employer Said. But Last Week I Overpaid You Two Hundred Dollars, and You Never Complained.

Well, I Don't Mind An Occasional Mistake, the Worker Answered, but When It Gets To Be A Habit, I Feel I Have To Call It To Your Attention.

A worker that takes Zhou Xin finds employer, take out the payroll last week, “ is less than what we had discussed 200 dollars, he says ” . I know “ , ” employer says, “ but last week our overpay you 200 dollars, also did not listen to you to complain. ”

“ is good, I do not mind now and then make a mistake, ” worker replies, “ but if became a custom, I feel that I must mention your attention. ”

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