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Go abroad study abroad of the choice 4 big " difficult problem "
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Traditional way, be still new way? Big city, be still a wide place in the road? Omnibus university, professional still school? Popular and professional, be still major of an unexpected winner?
Look in a lot of people, record of formal schooling closes, the language closes, economy passes is to go abroad the 3 catastrophe that study abroad close, if was solved but have nothing worry about. Actually otherwise, go abroad study abroad the process is complex and endless, can encounter a lot of toll-gate and obstacle, among them some of problem looks be like minor details, it is to decide to study abroad however the crucial factor that invests return rate. Study abroad especially country, school, professional the choice that wait, should single out what suit oneself truly from inside on 1000 tens of thousands of hundreds country, school, major, have certain difficulty really. Sometimes a wrong choice, meeting influence studies abroad of diploma contain Troy, ultimate effect leaves development prospect of the scholar. Accordingly, go abroad study abroad to want to had crossed afore-mentioned 3 catastrophe to close not only, should solve good country, place, school, major to choose this 4 catastrophe to inscribe more.
Be worth 89 month nowadays, the applicant of enter a school of spring of plan next year is beginning to prepare to make study abroad plan. The person that study abroad of purpose for the help holds Qing Dynasty of opportunity, differentiate to study abroad better direction, we study abroad technically please the expert goes abroad the 4 catastrophe problem in studying abroad shows a labyrinth.
One of difficult problem:
Traditional way, be still new way?
At present domestic student goes abroad study abroad to basically have two general orientation: It is to go to the United States, England, Japan waiting for a tradition to study abroad country; 2 be those who go to Ireland, south Africa, Denmark waiting to just open the market recently is burgeoning study abroad country. The tradition studies abroad educational system of the country is more perfect, educational quality assures somewhat, but visa formalities is relatively trival, application competition is relatively intense. And burgeoning study abroad national policy is loose, refus autograph rate is low, but school quality is uneven, and because lack studies abroad market control experience, and bring about study abroad con incident produces frequency taller. Different country has study abroad differently actor inferior position, accordingly, domestic student studies abroad in the choice often meet when the country in a dilemma.
Countermeasure: There is the thing of perfect on the world, studying abroad also is such. To domestic student, study abroad in the choice country from time to tome a principle, do not choose best, should choose what suit oneself most. Generally speaking, the tradition such as United States flower studies abroad performance of national comfortable synthesis is excellent the person that have certain economy capacity; And level of record of formal schooling is inferior with the person with economic average condition, the choice is burgeoning study abroad country, the chance that catchs a lot is relatively some more. But the choice is burgeoning study abroad when the country, must understand its ins and outs first, teach system, diploma to approbate especially degree etc, cut the statement of only one of the parties of orgnaization of intermediary of not blind believe what one hears. In addition, because our country most student has certain English base, because this selection goes English country is relatively right.
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