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Outside going up, advanced interpreter institute ascends body whole world 15 str
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Association of the member that pass international conference oral interpretation (AIIC) the comprehensive assessment that project of oral interpretation of major of institute of advanced to university of Shanghai foreign language interpreter has, project of oral interpretation of major of advanced interpreter institute is completely contented outside going up the requirement of association of dragoman of international conference mouth, become country from this be ascended exclusively seniority of bound of one's life experience 15 strong professional oral interpretation project education orgnaization.

The expert thinks, the place of student of major of oral interpretation of conference of advanced interpreter institute accepts major outside going up grooms and simultaneous interpretation trains, already entered 15 strong shares of world more than even in a lot of respects orgnaization of simultaneous interpretation education.

As we have learned, be included international major oral interpretation to groom by association of dragoman of international conference mouth at present 15 strong in, divide outside going up outside advanced interpreter institute, the individual university that still has the state such as the United States, Australia, France or professional oral interpretation groom orgnaization. Association of dragoman of international conference mouth grooms 3 every years to professional oral interpretation the orgnaization undertakes the whole world is ranked, it is regarded as the whole world the top level of domain of Tong Chuanpei example is evaluated.

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