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Leader of international interpret couplet comes China of letter speak of somebod
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The major of global interpreter bound that international interpret couplet is support of article of division of associated state religion is organized, the bottom came Beijing hold its to carry out director conference this year in October. Below the guidance that leads in foreign language bureau, chinese interpret assist opportunity that regards conduct propaganda as Chinese economy progress and social progress this conference, recieve seriously, invited executive director to attend Chinese interpret assist the Asia of couplet of interpret of the 4th international that sponsors jointly with Tsinghua university translates interpret of domestic forum, China assist bureau of foreign language of the 5th National Council, China and Chinese interpret assist the first “ China that sponsors jointly is translated. These activities are promotional the understanding that leader of high level of international interpret couplet translates a bound to China and China, left deep impression to them. After going back to the motherland, they case in succession bureaus of pair of Chinese foreign language and Chinese interpret assist great kindness is recieved thanks, right Chinese interpret assist the job gives height is evaluated.

Favour of division of · of Betty of chairman of international interpret couplet (Betty Cohen) write in thanking a letter: I represent “ sincerely I myself carry out council to be recieved to the enthusiasm of expensive association again with international interpret couplet express cordial acknowledgment. Expensive association staff member's efficient job makes we had unforgettable all one's life experience ” . Mi Liya of secretary-general of international interpret couplet (Miriam Lee) write in the letter: “ we are to come to China for the first time, china left very good impression to us, because the expensive association arrangement to each activity is very considerate,this basically is, pay attention to detail. Committee member of advisory committee of couplet of ” international interpret, proceedings of a conferences " Babel " inside chief editor thunder (Rene Haeseryn) translate Xie Li of chairman of congress organizing committee with the seventeenth world (Sheryl Hinkannen) also sent acknowledgment to believe. Other executive director also thankses again through email, express to will be mixed to place association the grand occasion that other international person of the same trade introduces China to translate a bound.

News in brief of international interpret couplet " Translatio " special subject of first phase China will be published in December, introduce 3 afore-mentioned activities in the round, and the whole nation that bureau of Chinese foreign language is in charge of carry out and managing translates professional competence (level) the circumstance of the exam. This news in brief pervades to international interpret couplet the 94 memberships organization of 70 many countries is sent, publish electronic edition on website of international interpret couplet. Of this group of articles publish will conduce to the prestige that enhances China to translate a bound in international
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