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If do not have an interpreter, the world will how -- visit lady of favour of div
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Should Chinese interpret assist invite, international translates an alliance (couplet of abbreviation international interpret, french abbreviation FIT) favour of division of chairman Betty · (Betty Cohen) lady and international interpret couplet are highest the major member that heads orgnaization —— executive board reached our country of the visit between November in October 2004. A few days ago, chinese network special report the chairman of favour of Betty · division that visitting in Beijing.

Chinese net: Thank you to be in what accept us in the midst of pressing affairs to interview. Whether tell us, what is the working target of near future of international interpret couplet?

Favour of Betty · division: Should explain above all, what international interpret couplet adopts is party member is made, have the 150 parties member that comes from 60 countries; International interpret couplet does not admit individual member. World of international interpret couplet translates congress 3 years every to be held, a congress general was held in Finland in August at next year.

Current, a few great, real problems that international interpret couplet is encountering according to translating a bound, begin to consider to make a “ translate working guideline ” , grant membership its. The content of this guideline will involve an interpreter to groom, interpreter tool (technology) , interpreter quality standard. Current condition is, we ” of old member of a few “ knows how to be answered in these respects, have oneself course of action, but ” of young member of a lot of “ was at a loss with respect to some. We consider the successful course of action of ” of the member that sum up “ congress, next to “ young member people ” is recommended. The guideline that we establish must be run-of-mill, the legal difference that is in a country because of each members is very big. I hope, this guideline can obtain approval to pass on Finnish congress.

Chinese net: To the interpreter worker of the whole world, is swift and violent globalization process opportunity or challenge after all?

Favour of Betty · division: To us, it is an opportunity for certain! As a result of globalization process, at present the interpreter portfolio of the whole world is rising really, bigger and bigger to our demand! The language sort that interpreter amount and interpret give into interpret is large-scale increase. Should see, the commercial activity that globalization process causes generated very big interpreter demand, accordingly, globalization is the front to the interpreter's influence.

Want to say a challenge, that is how we should answer the client demand that increases increasingly. Above all, we need to foster more interpreters. For example, expensive country Mr Huang Youyi (interpret of director of international interpret couplet, China assist vice-chairman holds foreign language of secretary-general, China concurrently to publish career bureau deputy director general) ever said to me: Beijing will hold the Olympic Games 2008, this current to China interpreter team and level are a challenge. Actually, other country and area also are facing similar problem at present. Say so, globalization process is a challenge that we must answer really, but this is a challenge that has openly sense.
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